Perreaux lager sine forsterkere på New Zealand. De started i 1974 og har produsert elektrnokk siden da. De er kjent for sin solide byggekvalitet og naturlige lydsignatur. De er in en prosess nå hvor de bytter ut hele produktlinjen med nye modeller. Perreaux lager forforsterkere, effektforsterkere og integrerte forsterkere. De har også RIIA trinn og DAC i porteføljen.

Who we are

From small beginnings in 1974, PERREAUX quickly transformed into a New Zealand export success story. 

Founded in Napier, New Zealand by electronics guru Peter Perreaux with a $1000 investment. The first product to market was the now legendary "GS 2002", an integrated Class A transistor Hi Fi amplifier capable of an impressive albeit modest 22W per channel.

The initial success of this rugged, reliable solid-state amplifier prompted further developments of PERREAUX's  product offering and lead to the release of high quality preamplifiers, power amplifiers and loudspeakers into both the audiophile and professional audio markets.

New Zealands PERREAUX quickly set the standard for power, performance and personality – at concert halls and in the homes of discerning home music lovers everywhere.

What we do

PERREAUX designs, engineers and manufactures state-of-the-art, audiophile-class, amplifiers, preamplifiers, loudspeakers and audio equipment.

We employ highly-skilled and qualified designers, engineers and technicians to create sound experiences - not just sound equipment.  We source the finest componentry available for our designs and meticulously assemble by hand. Our products are thoughtfully designed and expertly finished, engineered to last a lifetime.

What we stand for

"We design beautiful objects that most people will never see" Edwin Nieman Managing Director, PERREAUX Audio.

At PERREAUX we are driven by a passion for music. We take great pride and personal care in manufacturing precision audio products that are beautiful and functional - both inside,  and out. Every product we design is hand-built, thoroughly tested, and fully supported. At PERREAUX we take time to get the fine details right.