WStreamer V2

Powerful network streamer with ROON support

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For products whose performance and tone are fixed the moment the hardware is manufactured, there has always been the need of having to change the device to pursue the sound many are looking for. Breaking out of this framework, we introduce the WStreamer 2.0 where you can directly experience a variety of options to cater the sound perfectly for you and your system needs with a powerful self-developed FPGA as your weapon.



• Powerful WAP processor

• Equipped with WLPS-LP 5V DC Out

• WIDR over Coax support

• Built-in noise isolator

• I/O terminal side alignment

• AirPlay, DLNA, Roon RAAT, WNDR support


Built-in noise isolator

• Equipped with a custom isolator miniaturised from the hit product EXT Isolator series

• Fundamentally blocks the transfer of generated digital noise

The W Streamer 2.0 is equipped with a noise isolator that is a miniaturisation of the existing EXT series. This is a unique technology used only by Waversa in the world (Patent Pending), and it is a device that dramatically improves sound quality by removing fine noise generated from digital signal transmission.


I/O terminal rearrangement

Unlike the previous model, where the input and output sections were located on different sides, all terminals were placed on one side. Therefore, installation is easier than the previous model, and you can enjoy all the performance of WStreamer 2.0 in a more elegant and intuitive way.  


New LED Display lights determine the status of the WStreamer.


New 5V DC Output

• 5V DC Out terminal derived from WLPS linear power technology

• Synergy effect with streamers by eliminating SMPS that causes noise The WStreamer 2.0 is equipped with a high-performance linear output terminal derived from WLPS technology, and can create synergy in sound quality with other devices that use 5V DC. Most devices that use DC power use a poorly made SMPS adapter, which causes unimaginable noise and adversely affects sound quality. Experience the detail buried within noise with the DC Out jack with clean power supply capability.

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