Club27 Cecilia demomodell til salgs

Liten gulvstående som fyller et stort rom! Hornbass. Dynamikkbombe mtp størrelse! i demo.

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Evangelina Sobredo Galanes, known as Cecilia, (October 11, 1948 – August 2, 1976) was a Spanish singer-songwriter. She took her stage name from the song “Cecilia” by Simon and Garfunkel.

Her work was influenced by the Spanish protest songs of the 1960s and her complexed, ironical songs were popular in Spain and Latin America. In addition she wrote songs for other artists like Julio Iglesias and she was into poetry and painting. She passed away in the age of 27 on August 2, 1976 in a car- accident when she drove back home to Madrid after a concert in Vigo.

The Club-27 Cecilia speakers are a tribute to her work and although they are not the biggest speakers of the line they provide real beautiful music and a deep involving impression.

The Club-27 Cecilia speakers have a small footprint and an elegant shape but they offer true high end sound. The resolution of the 5,5“ crossover- less wideband- drivers and the true ribbon- tweeters carry the music signal with all the finest details. The fundamental and dynamical basses are responsible for a live- like listening- impression which you would expect from much bigger and more expensive speakers only. The Cecilia speakers offer expressive and complexed sound in the most beautiful way mirrored by the small and elegant shape. The Club-27 can not play rock- music at live concert listening levels like the bigger Club-27 speakers but they are unbeaten when it comes to the most beautiful sound related to the size.

Drivers Crossoverless 5,5“ wideband drivers and ribbon tweeters, coupled with a single cap, basshorn cabinets
Efficiency 89dB in 8Ohms
Dimensions when assembled (h x d x w) 97cm x 18cm x 35cm
Weight 18kg per speaker

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