Club27 Kurt MkIII demomodell til salgs

Ekstremt dynamisk formidler som trives både med mye og lite watt. Elsker strøm! Konstruert av Robert Bastanis og Armin Boos i demo

TilbudNOK55 243,50 Førpris:NOK84 990,00 inkl. mva.
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The Club-27 Kurt MKIII speakers sound bigger than they look and much better than expected keeping the affordable price in mind. The Club-27 Kurt MKIII speakers offer powerful sound and fundamental, dynamic basses because of the self- regulating floor- firing basshorns. The crossoverless 10“ wideband drivers offer high efficiency producing satisfying dynamics with any kind of amps. The midrange sound is warm and natural. The high efficiency and the direct coupling of the wideband drivers to the amp guarantees superior resolution of finest details and outstanding transient response. The horn- tweeters have phenolic diaphragms for best tonal balance and crossovered by the single cap they offer seamless integration mirroring the ability of the wideband drivers to reveal finest details which let the music become alive. The Club-27 Kurt MKIII speakers attend you on your inner trip and they bring you wherever you like to go. The Club-27 Kurt MKIII speakers carry- in a new quality cancelling out existing price/sound categories.
Kurt Cobain was an outstanding musician and the leader of Nirvana, he inspired a generation and left his mark on rock- music forever. Nirvana combined the furious wild young rebel- sound with complexed structures and dense atmosphere. Like all members of the Club of 27 he passed away too young but the intense Nirvana- sound is alive forever. The Club-27 Kurt speakers mirror this approach, they offer high resolution combined with stressless, natural sounding mids and powerful straight forward sound. The Kurt speakers are elegant in sound and look and they easily fill even larger sized rooms with beautiful music.
Review Kurt MKIII by Marek Dyba - Hifi Knights October 15 2022
The point is that my experience with several various amplifiers proved that the Club-27 KURT MKIII speakers should be great partners for tube, solid-state, and hybrid amps, as long as the latter offer high-quality performance. That’s something that can be said only about very, very few speakers available on the market. It makes the Dutch speakers, same as Bastanis, quite a safe bet for long-term use. No matter what changes happen to your system, these speakers will probably be there to stay for many, many years.

Well, these are not only super-versatile partners for almost any amplifier but also fantastic performers. Depending on your choice of amplification the sonic character will differ to a point but you can always count on dynamic, energetic, lively yet smooth, coherent, fluid, and rich presentation.

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In a word wonderful.

They present the music in a very accurate and coherent way, to my ears all the different facets that are part of the mix are in the right place and at the right place in the sound stage. There is a real three dimensional feel to the music and the speakers just disappear which I like and is a neat trick that only the best speakers can pull off. And they are fast, as quick as any small speaker I've experience of, which makes them fun to listen to. They remind me of the Horning Agathons I heard at Rick's, they can't get as low as the Hornings but they have that speed, immediacy and realism that those Hornings had.

-- Spider at HifiWigWam
Drivers Crossoverless 10“ wideband drivers and 1“ horn- tweeters, coupled- in 6dB/oct. with a single cap, basshorn cabinets
Efficiency 94dB in 8Ohms
Recommended amp- power minimum 4W
Max. power- handling 300W
Dimensions when assembled (h x d x w) 111cm x 26cm x 30cm
Weight 45kg per speaker

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