Larsen 6.2 demosalg maple

In tune with money!

TilbudNOK14 999,00 Førpris:NOK29 999,00 inkl. mva.
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At the time when Larsen 6 was under development, we understood that this should be “the-value-for-money-speaker”.

We boosted the components and made some strategical changes. And yes, several reviewers noticed this. All the good qualities from Larsen 4 was brought to a higher level and still with a small footprint and placement flush against the wall. The 3D-sound stage turned out sharper and more distinct. In this 2 way system you have the same bass element and tweeter as in Larsen 8 so we dare promise the value for money.

Larsen 6 employs trickle-down design and technology in a timeless and compact design – creating a muscular, neutral and amazing three-dimensional sound stage for serious audiophiles to enjoy.

The upgraded version Larsen 6.2 has got a new tweeter the same as in Larsen 8. It was done 2010 so a vast majority of you listening to L 6 today do have this tweeter.





Effect 100 W
Sensitivity 88 db
Impedance 8 ohm
Bass driver 177 mm
Width 230 mm
Height 750 mm
Depth 260 mm
Weight 12,5 kg
Standard finish  Mahogny (33.900,-)

 Cherry (33.900,-)

 Maple (33.900,-)

 Lacquer (White, Black)

Choose the Colour you Want

Do you want to have your speakers in another colour? We can lacquer in any colour you want following the international colour standard called NCS (Natural Colour System). The only thing you have to do is to ask your paint dealer or your painter to transform your colour sample to an NCS code. Contact us or your local dealer for more information.

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