YBA Passion PRE550 MK2 and 2 x Passion A650 Power amps 2x600W


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Knallpris på pre og to effektforsterkere ifra YBA. Passion A650 yter 2x600W som monoblokker og driver det meste.


Reveiw: https://www.soundstageaustralia.com/index.php/reviews/778-yba-passion-pre550-mkii-preamplifier-passion-a650-power-amplifier


YBA high-end DAC preamplifier, DEMO-modell.

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Fra produsenten:
The Passion range represents all the technologies and know-how of YBA. The manufacturer had to offer separate preamp + power amplifier elements, in order to offer the ultimate listening experience to its happy owners. The PRE550A was developed for this purpose, paired with the Passion A650 stereo power block . It also incorporates a high quality converter in order to be able to listen to dematerialized music sources in the best conditions.

Vi har to stk. stereo effektforsterkere fra franske YBA til salgs, prisen er pr. stk.

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Fra produsenten:
YBA Passion 650 never hides its origins. It’s a music lover’s amplifier that clearly translates Yves-Bernard André’s vision and passion. The 650 has more than enough potency in its design to translate music with power, dynamics, natural transparency and most important, correct timbre and musical imprint. Passion needs no second guesses. Seamless integration of technology in the service of music is evident even after those first few musical notes.

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