YBA Genesis PRE5A audiophile preamplifier

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YBA wanted to give its letters of nobility to the Genesis range with a separate preamplifier and power amplifier. The PRE5A is the culmination of constant innovation and decades of experience crafting high-fidelity, musical electronics. The ideal partner of the Genesis A6 , it is intended for music lovers looking for a realistic, refined, subtle and lively sound. It has a complete connection that accepts analog and digital sources thanks to its internal DAC.

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YBA Genesis PRE5A: High-Fidelity preamplifier

First of all, this PRE5A is aesthetically very successful with its frontage shared between brushed aluminum and acrylic, with an irreproachable quality of finish. Its non-magnetic aluminum frame is isolated from mechanical disturbances by a 4 mm thick sub-frame, also in aluminum, resting on 3 in-house designed feet allowing perfect flow of mechanical vibrations through the ground (principle developed from the beginnings of the brand by Yves-Bernard André and still current). By way of volume and source control, 4 keys typical of the brand on the lower strip, reminiscent of the old Classic series. They are relayed and completed by a superb aluminum remote control. On the back, there is a USB input, a coaxial digital input and output on RCA and an input on BNC, an optical input and an AES/EBU input. On the analogue side, two stereo RCA and one stereo XLR line inputs, supplemented by two stereo RCA outputs and one stereo XLR in order to connect apower amplifier . Line RCA connectors are proprietary models. Let´s not forget a switch called "Digital Power" which allows you to decommission the DAC and Bluetooth digital circuits so as not to disturb the analog signals when using the dedicated line inputs.

This DAC preamplifier  therefore receives Bluetooth signals from a tablet, computer or smartphone. Equipped with an excellent digital / analog conversion stage, it allows you to connect any digital source or CD, DVD, Blu-ray drive and thus eliminate an additional element, especially since the internal DAC benefits from its own power supply by toroidal transformer and a proprietary circuit.

On the component side, it is of course very well equipped, the rigorous selection and choice of elements made by the designer himself suggests great things. double C grain-oriented transformer (essential at YBA), 2 high-performance linear power supplies (190 VA transformer), plus a few little secrets and in-house optimizations. In short, only good for a preamplifier in pure Alpha class (YBA proprietary designation), benefiting from proven technical principles, symmetrical diagrams and sorted components.

YBA Genesis PRE5A  : musical and versatile

We can therefore connect to this very beautiful device both digital and analog sources, it allows you to easily switch from a digital link to an analog link, and vice versa. Its converter allows for example to connect a  network player or audio server  in USB as well as a CD transport in coaxial. Its musical qualities make it possible to develop a beautiful sound image, great depth in the bass and a dynamic that will enliven the listening room with music full of life. Simple and effective principles, a careful and thoughtful design of this YBA Genesis PRE5A result in a powerful and versatile amplifier, which will be up to the task for all types of music.

Used in conjunction with the Genesis A6, the musical spectacle is complete: the music flows naturally and reaches a level of realism rarely achieved in this price range. It combines refinement with a liveliness that makes listening exciting and enjoyable. The PRE5A is neutral and does not distort the musical signal, it will be able to be associated with a large majority of electronics and speakers . Its level of definition and its transparency make it possible to transcribe all the nuances and details of the recordings, developing a vast, airy, stable and layered sound image. Enough to spend many hours of listening in the company of this superb YBA achievement .


Product type


Audio Outputs

2 RCA 1 Balanced 1 S/PDIF





Frequency Response

20Hz – 20kHz (-0.5dB)

THD+N (20Hz - 20kHz)



AES/EBU, Optical, Coaxial, BNC, USB, Bluetooth
2 RCA Analog Signal Inputs
1 Balanced Analog Signal Input


2 RCA, 1 Balanced plus 1 digital


Cirrus Logic CS4398

Digital power off switch


Power Supply

2 Linear power supplies with high performance
transformer 190VA

Color / Finish

Black aluminium with black acrylic panel

Dimensions (w x d x h)

430 x 388 x 115 mm


10 kg

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