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The Leema Elements Integrated Amplifier continues Leema’s strong tradition of producing some of the best amplifiers that money can buy. Not only does the Elements Integrated Amplifier include the most comprehensive set of inputs and facilities of any Leema product to date, it manages to fit all this into a compact and beautiful enclosure built to the same exacting standards as the larger Leema amplifiers.

Delivering a very healthy 56 Watts into 8 ohms, more than 100 watts into 4 ohms and around 150 watts into 2 ohms, the Elements Integrated Amplifier will get the best out of any speaker.

The on-board digital to analogue converter is one of the most flexible available. One 24 bit/192 kHz SPDIF co-axial, three 24 bit/192kHz SPDIF optical inputs and a 24 bit/192 kHz asynchronous USB input make the Elements Integrated Amplifier the perfect onebox solution, allowing all digital sources to perform with astonishing results.

Full LIPS® implementation allows for easy system integration with other Leema products and home automation systems. The Elements Integrated Amplifier also features an onboard headphone amplifier, mute button and infra-red remote control.



"The sound is astonishingly deep and lush, while retaining a crisp responsiveness right across the spectrum" 
  Andy Stout, Redshark

In their exclusive 'Beautiful Systems' feature, partnering the Elements Amp, CD Player and Xero speakers, HiFi Choice conclude: 

"This is what 21st century audio should be. We live busy, crowded and complex lives and the limited time we have for something as decadent as sitting down and listening to music needs kit that can deliver the goods with everything we throw at it.
This is one company’s complete vision of how that should be achieved and my word, it’s a very beautiful system indeed."

You can download the full article here.


Specification / Features

(See User Manual for full specification)

Output Power: 56W rms 8 Ohms/Ch

Output Power: 110W rms 4 Ohms/Ch

Output Power: 160W rms 2 Ohms/Ch

THD: 0.015%

Noise: < -105 dB

Freqency Response: 5 Hz - 80 kHz (+0/-3 dB)

Number of Balanced Inputs (XLR): 1

Number of Un-Balanced Inputs (RCA): 3

MP3 Inputs: 1 (Front Panel 3.5mm jack)

Digital Inputs
    Coax S/PDIF: 1
    Optical S/PDIF: 3
    USB: 1

Headphone Outputs: 1

Pre-out Outputs: 1

Mute Buton: Yes

Thermal Protection: Yes

LIPS® system: Master or Slave

Dimensions: 220*340*88mm

Carton: 370*450*210mm

Mass: 11Kg

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