Perreaux 300iX

Perreaux sin største integrerte forsterker på 2x300w

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Our most powerful integrated amplifier, the PERREAUX 300iX is a hand-crafted, 300 Watt, stereo integrated amplifier featuring a host of Analog and Digital audio connections including AES EBU, USB, Bluetooth Audio, Optical (Toslink) and Coaxial (SPDIF) Digital Inputs, Balanced (XLR) and Unbalanced (RCA) Analog Inputs.

With an onboard, integrated 24 bit, 384k, SABRE Pro 9038 DSD DAC the 300iX is capable of playing high resolution digital files from your computer or streaming Bluetooth audio direct from your smartphone or tablet.

Additionally the 300iX also features a class-leading PERREAUX MM / MC Phono preamplifier module with Earthing Terminal for simple connection of either a Moving Coil or Moving Magnet Turntable.

Headphone enthusiasts are also catered to with the inclusion of the legendary PERREAUX SXH2 Headphone amplifier. This high-power, Class A Headphone amplifier easily power headphones rated from 8 - 600 Ohms.

Full control of the 300iX is available via the downloadable PERREAUX Bluetooth iOS / Android app, Front panel interface or supplied hand-held Infra Red Remote Control. Rack mounting kit also available separately.

Engineered to impress - the no-compromise, 300iX stereo integrated amplifier features iOS / Android and IR remote control, Bluetooth audio streaming, Home Theatre input, integrated ultra-high resolution Digital Audio Converter (DAC), Phono module for Turntable connection and a World-class Headphone amplifier. Available in any colour or your hearts desire - or black.


Unbridled Power

Our most powerful integrated amplifier to date - the 300iX delivers 300 Watts RMS of continuous, pure, distortion-free power @ 8 Ohms. Powerful enough to drive the most demanding of loudspeakers.

Custom colour options

Available in any colour of your hearts desire - including black; the PERREAUX 300iX is hand painted and delivered to order in your choice of custom colour and finish. A true work of art - the 300iX will blend in or stand out. Order yours today!

Integrated Class A Headphone amplifier

The 300iX features our legendary SXH2 Class A headphone amplifier for personal headphone listening. Capable of effortlessly powering headphones from 8 - 600 Ohms. The SXH2 incorporates an efficient power saving function and high / low power mode option.

Bluetooth streaming audio

The 300iX provides CD quality, Bluetooth audio streaming direct from any Bluetooth equipped PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

High-contrast Oled digital display

The 300iX front panel features a high-contrast, monochrome, Oled digital display with adjustable brightness, text size and remote-controllable screen-mute functionality.

Advanced microprocessor control

The 300iX’s extensive range of user-customisable functions and stepped analog volume controller are managed by a powerful onboard (electrically isolated) third-generation microprocessor. This provides flexible and functional user options for system configuration and control including stepped volume and balance control, custom operation and mute level setting and custom input naming.

Remote control options

The 300iX can be remotely controlled by using the convenient and functional PERREAUX iOS / Android remote app - available free for download from Apple App store / Google Play store. The 300iX also features an included full-function, hand-held Infra Red Remote Control.

Bi-Wiring capable

The 300iX features two pairs of high-quality speaker binding posts per channel; provided for bi-wiring applications.

Multiple protection systems

The PERREAUX 300iX incorporates dedicated protection circuitry, isolated from all signal carrying circuits via opto-couplers providing a range of electronic and speaker safety functionality.

Toroidal Power Transformer

The 300iX incorporates a high performance, custom-designed, Toroidal Power Transformer. The power supply filter capacitors have exceptionally low inductance and internal resistance. An electrostatic shield prevents AC line borne interference from entering the signal path and the wiring from the power supplies to the output boards is designed for unimpeded transmission of the required current and voltage and utilizes heavy-gauge, tinned copper cable.

Hybrid Class-A/AB

The bi-polar transistors used within the 300iX operate in Class A. This avoids crossover notch distortion and the resulting odd-order harmonics often present in other classes of power amplifier. The 300iX output stage employs power MOSFET transistors, which with high quiescent current circuitry are run in the equivalent of Class-A to 10 watts. Beyond this output level the 300iX operates as a hybrid Class-AB power amplifier. The combination of MOSFET characteristics and their application in this circuitry, results in a high power output with extremely low crossover distortion.

Asynchronous Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

Stream high resolution digital audio directly from your computer via the integrated, up-sampling, ES SABRE Reference 9038 PRO 32-bit/384kHz asynchronous USB DAC. The 9038 features a USB input, 2 x Optical (Toslink) Digital Inputs, 2 x Coaxial (SPDIF) Digital Inputs for the connection of Digital Set Top Boxes, TV, CD Players, Music Streamers or Games Consoles and an AES EBU (XLR) Digital Input for the connection of professional digital audio sources.

I/O Options

5 pairs Unbalanced analog Inputs (RCA), 1 pair Balanced analog Inputs (XLR), 1 pair Power Amp analog Inputs (RCA), USB, AES EBU Digital Input (XLR), 2 x Optical Digital (Toslink) Inputs, 2 x Coaxial (SPDIF) Digital Inputs, 2 Remote Trigger Inputs (5VDC). One pair Preamplifier (RCA) Outputs, One pair TAPE (RCA) Outputs, Headphone Out (6.35 mm), 2 Remote Trigger Outputs (5VDC) and Two pairs of Speaker Binding Posts per channel.

Phono Preamplifier Module

The 300iX features an integrated PERREAUX Moving Magnet (MM) / Moving Coil (MC) Phono preamplifier module with Earth Binding Post. This microprocessor controlled module provides simple connection and input gain control for both Moving Magnet and Moving Coil Turntables.


Rated Power Output (per channel):

300W into 8Ω 500W into 4Ω

Maximum Power Output (prior to clipping, per channel):

TBC into 8Ω TBC into 4Ω

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

<0.005%, Typically 0.002% @ 1kHz, rated power into 8Ω

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20kHz: +0.00dB, -0.15dB 5Hz to 60kHz: +0.00dB, -0.50dB


Input Impedance

Unbalanced: 12kΩ Balanced: 22kΩ

Input Overload

Unbalanced: 8Vrms Balanced: 8Vrms

Volume Control Range:

-95.5dB to +12dB

Volume Control Resolution:

0.5dB per step

Input Volume Trim Range:


Balance Resolution:


Balance Range:


Headphone Amplifier

Headphone Rated Power Output:

1.0W into 32Ω 150mW into 300Ω

Headphone Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

Low impedance mode (-17dB): <0.003%, 1kHz at 540mW into 8Ω High impedance mode: <0.002%, 1kHz at 100mW into 600Ω

Headphone Volume Trim Range:


Digital to Analog Converter (DAC)

Digital Inputs:

2 SPDIF Coax (RCA) 2 SPDIF Optical (Toslink) 1 USB (Type B) 1 AES EBU (XLR)


ES9038PRO Sabre DAC

Input Sample Rate:

32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192kHz (Coax, Optical) 32, 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8, 384 kHz / DSD 64, 128, 256 (USB)

Input Word Length (maximum):

24-bit (Coax, Optical, AES EBU) 32-bit (USB)

Input Impedance:

75Ω (Coax)


Coax / AES EBU: Yes Optical: n/a USB: Asynchronous and Galvanically Isolated

Digital to Analogue Conversion:


Output Voltage:

2.0Vrms @ 0dBFS

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

0.002%, 20Hz-20kHz @ 0dBFS

Frequency Response

20Hz to 20kHz: +0.0dB, -0.1dB 5Hz to 94kHz: +0.0dB, -3.0dB

Stop Band:


Stop Band Attenuation:


Phono Stage

Input Impedance

Low Gain (MM): 47kΩ High Gain (MC): 100Ω


Low Gain (MM): 40dB High Gain (MC): 60dB

Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise

0.1% @ 1kHz, low gain setting < 0.5% 20hZ to 20kHz, low gain setting

RIAA Accuracy:

±0.5dB, 20Hz-20kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio (unweighted):

better than 85dB, low gain setting



426mm (16.8")


149mm (5.9")


344mm (13.5")


21.5kg (47.4lb)


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