Atohm SW2 - HD SUB

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The active subwoofer GT-SW2-HD in the first octaves, is complementing the rest of the Atohm Gt speaker range, featuring the same flowing and sleek lines and same piano lacquer finish. Within its limited volume (22l) it houses a dedicated 500W amplifier coupled to 2x23 cm specific driver units. This exceptional duo powered by the 500W amplifier is propelling the excursion up to +/-19mm (Lastest version). The strong driver motorization, the ideal charge coupled device (QT about 0.77) and the unconditional control of the signal (X-guard technology) delivers an amazing reproduction of extreme low frequencies (23Hz@-3dB) with an unprecedented speed and sound level. With these exceptional qualities and its active treatment, the GT-SW2-HD is connected in perfect harmony with the entire GT range.


Minimal suggested setup for HIFI and HOME THEATER :

Based on GT1 :  1 subwoofer

Based on GT2 :  1 or 2 subwoofers

Based on GT3 :  2 subwoofer ideally


Active subwoofer : Closed box
Frequency response : 23-150 Hz
Amplifier module power : ATOHM S500 (ver. SL3M-X)
Amplifier module power : 500 Wrms
Peak power : 550 W/ U-guard (soft clipping)
Active excursion control : X-guard technology (+/- 19mm max.)
Low level input : 2x cinch
High level input : 2x 4mm banana plugs
Low pass crossover : 38 to 150 Hz
Phase control : 0-180°
Filtering slope : 12dB-24dB-LFE
Midbass unit : LD230CRA08M (*2)
Supply voltage : 115 V / 230 V
Power consumption : 700 Wmax
Cabinet : 22mm MDF with 42mm multilayers curved sides
Decoupling : "High damping" EPDM foam
Finish : Piano gloss lacquer Black / White / RAL as option
Dimensions : 385*307*375mm (H*L*P) 15*12.1*14.7inch (H*L*D)
Weight : 25 kg / 55 lbs

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