Black Rhodium Tempo RCA

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TEMPO is our purple twisted cable delivering stunning musical results

The design TEMPO is based very closely on the very popular CODA interconnect cable with two important differences: 

1. The insulation of the individual conductors has been increased from a thickness of 0.6mm to 1.2mm to reduce Transient Phase Distortion. 2. The cables are now encased in an attractive violet coloured expandable braid. 

The reason behind this change to thicker insulation of the conductors is that when two electrical conductors carry an electrical current, the magnetic field produced by the current in one conductor affects the resistance of the other conductor. This is known as the ‘Proximity Effect’. 

Because the loudspeaker load is reactive, the current and voltage in the speaker cable are not in phase and the modulation effect produces a ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ signal that distorts sound quality. By moving the conductors of TEMPO further away, the magnetic field (which reduces inversely proportionally to the distance) on the other cable is lowered and the ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ is less audible. 

This effect can easily be observed when listening to complex musical signals such as massed choirs and large orchestras. 

TEMPO cables are twisted together, thus preventing the cable acting as a “loop aerial” for airborne radio frequency interference which can cause audible distortion to the sound quality. 

TEMPO retains features that have made CODA a very popular cable with consumers that has won a Best Buy award in Hi-Fi Choice magazine. 

• The positive and negative cores are connected in opposite directions. Experience shows that when cables are connected this way (and both cables are connected in the same direction) the noise floor between the musical notes lowers. This gives ‘blacker’ silences in the interval between musical notes and enhances reproduction of the musical edges and natural decays in music. 

• Silicone rubber insulation is used because its low dielectric loss ensures extremely low distortion due to dielectric absorption effects in which sound energy is absorbed in the insulation and released at a later interval of time to create highly audible time-smearing distortion. 

• Eichmann Bullet RCA phono plugs are fitted on account of their superior sound quality to metal body plugs. 

Specifications Conductors: 19 x 0.3mm diameter (16 gauge) silver plated copper Insulation: Silicone rubber type GPC Inner insulation thickness 1.2mm 

Made in England. Lifetime warranty

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