REAL CABLE CA1801 Innovation (1m)

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High Fidelity stereo audio cable, Bi-Metal conductor (Copper/Silver), triple shielding, monoblock TwistLock® plugs, gold contact, hand silver soldering. “CA 1801” by Real Cable® uses a bi-metal core (copper/silver) with multi-section strands (TDC principle: Time Difference Control) for constant propagation time on highs, mids and lows frequencies. Significant improvement in the sound image.

"High-fidelity RCA cable"


The Real Cable CA 1801 is a High Fidelity stereo audio cable. bi-metal conductor . triple shielding and monoblock TwistLock® plugs designed to connect two Hi-Fi devices using the RCA standard. This cable includes 2 straight male RCA plugs (Cinch) on each side with gold contacts and silver hand soldering.

Real Cable 's CA1801 series uses a bi-metal core (Copper and Silver) deoxygenated to 99.99% ( OFC and SPC ) with TDC ( Time Difference Control ) multi-section strands for constant propagation time on the infra and the high bass. The result is a significant improvement in accuracy and bass attacks. .


Note that the monoblock TwistLock® system requires unscrewing the body of the plug before connecting it to the connectors of your device, then screwing it back on to ensure secure locking and free of false contacts.  



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