Neotech - Grand ITX-1 XLR connection cable pair (1m)

NeoTech sin toppmodell med XLR koblinger og har en unik konstruksjon. Bestillingsvare.

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This ITR-1 cable from Neotech is part of the brand's "Grand" series. It's a high-fidelity XLR interconnect cable designed with high-end materials. It features UP-OCC copper conductors and triple insulation made of PTFE, PVC and polypropylene (PP). Its structure consists of 2 rectangular conductors and 2 braided copper strands. An outer sheath of polyvinyl chloride and nylon covers it all.

This modulation cable promises flawless signal transmission for rich, natural sound reproduction.


  • Rectangular UP-OCC Copper Conductor

  • Individual Teflon Insulation

  • Quad Structure (2 Rectangular + 2 Strands)

  • Polyvinyl Chloride Outer Jacket

  • Sleeving (PP and Nylon Braided)

  • With: UP-OFC DG-201 RCA or NC-06612 XLR


Neotech Grand ITR-1 cable structure

Diagram of the Neotech Grand ITR-1 RCA-RCA cable structure
1 UP-OCC copper conductors
2 PTFE insulation
3 PVC sheath
4 Polypropylene (PP) insulation
5 Outer sheath in polyvinyl chloride and nylon

Technical characteristics

Product type RCA interconnect cable
Connectors RCA- RCA (Neotech DG-201)
Conductor material UP-OCC opper
Insulation PTFE
Polypropylene (PP).
Outer sheath Polyvinyl chloride and nylon
Cable length 1m
Color Grey
Package Sold by pair

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