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Ifi’s new active power cable equals clearer audio.

Our multi-faceted active power cable eradicates noise from dirty mains power and adds clarity to your favourite sounds.


The cable.

The SupaNova incorporates five conductors, each made from heavy-gauge, continuous-cast OFHC (Oxygen-Free High Thermal Conductivity) copper, arranged in a geometrically balanced configuration – highly unusual at such a price point.

Two pairs of live and neutral conductors are arranged either side of the earth conductor, which is positioned at the centre of the cable. A further pair of air-dielectric delineators – essentially polymer matrix tubes filled with air – are arranged either side of the earth conductor, keeping the two pairs of live and neutral conductors apart whilst improving the cable’s overall dielectric performance and constructive solidity.

The cable is finished with a tough yet flexible polymer outer sheath and iFi’s bespoke audiophile-grade connectors, complete with 24ct gold plated oxygen-free copper conductors.


Power conditioning activated!

The SupaNova takes the Nova and adds a cylindrical housing partway down its length. This contains our proprietary Active Noise Cancellation II technology.

ANC II actively eliminates far more noise across the frequency range than a passive product, even across the lower frequencies. We use inverse noise current to cancel out the noise in the mains signal. The way this works is comparable to the technology in noise-cancelling headphones.

The SupaNova also includes:

  • Our Wireless Purification System to significantly reduce power-line noise without audible or visible side-effects
  • A Ground/Earth connection diagnostic
  • Polarity detection to ensure correct polarity at all times
  • Over-voltage Surge Protection, an auto-detection and cut-off circuit to protect your equipment
Noise reduction > 40dB (> 100x)
Surge Protection max. 10,000A @ 775V / 8/20uS
Under operating voltage Maximum operating rating 10A at 250Vac and 15A at 125Vac
Length 1.8 m (70.8″)
Weight US: 675 g (1.49 Ibs)

EU: 690 g (1.52 Ibs)

UK: 695 g (1.53 Ibs)

AU: 673 g (1.48 Ibs)

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