PSC - Precision Speed Controller

Created for music lovers who have keen hearing sense and do not accept vinyl record sound height fluctuation.

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PSC – Precision Speed Controller of turntable motor has been created for music lovers who have keen hearing sense and do not accept vinyl record sound height fluctuation. It also gives possibility to reduce motor noise and comfortable electronic 33/45rpm speed change. With combination with our innovative InteliClamp® PSC offers real speed measurement and presentation to the user online. This patented solution is the first-ever such kind of product on the market!


  • Elimination of wow caused by mains power supply frequency 50 Hz fluctuations. According to EU standards maximum frequency deviation can reach up to +2/-3Hz. It is equivalent to -60/+40Hz deviation of 1 kHz sound which human ear is sensitive the most. Audiophile ear can distinguish 2-3Hz frequency deviation (~0,1Hz of mains frequency deviation). PSC built in quartz stabilized 230V generator has frequency deviation less than 0.001Hz and is absolutely inaudible for human ear. Online measurements of European grid network are available with 30s latency on web page
  • 50Hz hum elimination by turntable motor vibration reduction. Vibrations are reduced thanks to:
Mains power supply THD lowering down to <2% when according to EU standards they can reach up to 8% in our houses.
Silent Mode feature that drops motor power supply voltage to 70% of nominal level after defined delay from start.

  • Platter speed error correction. Such error is typical effect of belt ageing, belt type change, bearing oil viscosity dependence of temperature.
  • Electronic 33/45 speed change by one button press
  • Real platter speed measurement with 0,01rpm accuracy (InteliClamp® required)
  • Real platter speed stabilization. In this mode PSC makes automatic continuous turntable motor speed correction to achieve accurate and stable platter speed (InteliClamp® required)
  • Smooth 45rpm motor start. Motor is started with 33rpm speed and after few seconds speeded up to 45rpm. It simplifies heavy platters start-up and extends motor and belt lifetime.



  • Nominal speed: 33.33, 45.00 rpm
  • Output 230V (5W max), <2% THD (Note 1)
  • Output frequency stability < +/-0.00005%
  • Output frequency error < 0.0005%
  • Speed measurement resolution +/- 0.01 rpm
  • Pitch control +/-2rpm with 0.01rpm resolution
  • Automatic speed regulation accuracy 33.33, 45.00rpm +/-0.01 rpm
  • Dimensions (width/length/height) 21cm/35cm/11cm
  • PSC weight 3.1kg
  • InteliClamp® dimensions (diameter/height) 78mm/52mm
  • InteliClamp® weight 570g
  • Power consumption < 40VA (Note 1)
  • InteliClamp® battery lifetime approx. 4 months (one record listened per day)

Note 1: Parameters can vary for different PSC versions


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