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New Generation Audiophile-Grade Network Streamer, Enjoy the Ultimate Sound Quality

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Hi-Fi Grade Network Streamer. Focus on the Ultimate Sound Quality.

The Pure Digital Music Player Hi-Fi Audio Equipment. After rigorous tuning procedures and extreme sound source testing, with dedicated system software, focus on your ultimate digital audio experience.

Technological Innovation for Next-Generation Digital Streaming

  • 6-Core Processor
    • Dedicated to Achieving Faster Speed and Enhanced Stability
  • High Performance
    • Exceptional Platform for Unparalleled Audio Performance
  • TCXO - Clock Signal
    • Highly precise clock minimizes network latency and jitter problems
  • Radar Grade Switching Power
    • Class-leading internal Power Module design
  • Outstanding Analog Signal
    • Enhancing Tonal Quality in Digital Streaming Sources
  • Next-Generation Audio Technology
    • Authentic and Natural Music Source Reproduction


Enhanced Interfaces. For High-Fidelity Digital Music.

Upgrading Traditional Amplifier Systems. 

  • Featuring both XLR balanced and RCA (single-ended) outputs, coupled with an integrated ESS decoding chip, this system shapes a reference-grade “analog” sound. Simply connect it to your amplifier or active speakers, and instantly elevate your audio system into a high-end HiFi sound experience.

Rich Digital Outputs for HD Environments. 

  • This system fully caters to a variety of connectivity needs. It employs next-generation lossless audio transmission path optimization technology, delivering an audio quality that exceeds imagination.

Artisan Craftsmanship for Authentic Analog Sound.

  • Double-Layer Chassis with Integrated Manufacturing Process.
    • Munich Ultra offers superior structural integrity compared to welded sheet metal enclosures, providing enhanced shock absorption and better electromagnetic interference isolation, ensuring pristine audio quality.
  • The Perfect Digital Circuit Minimizes Noise in Digital Signals.
  • Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.
  • Precision EMI Interference Resolution Technology.
  • Premium Audiophile-Grade Audio Components.
  • External 10MHz Clock Input Achieves Optimal Network Stability and Lower Noise.
    • Utilizing High-Precision TCXO Clocks and optimizing the clock peripheral circuits, it minimizes network latency and jitter to the maximum extent. Equipped with an internal/external clock selector switch, it enables seamless switching between internal and external clock sources.
  • Abundant Streaming Music Services.
    • Leading Music Streaming Platforms Embedded , Offering MQA Audio Decoding and Seamless Access to High-Quality Online Music Content through Various Methods Including Tidal Connect, Qobuz, Spotify Connect, DLNA, Airplay2, Roon Ready, and Internet Radio.

Mobile App, VitOS Orbiter

Easily locate and set up a new device, browse and stream music. Listen to all your favorite songs with details displayed such as bitrate, sample rate, bit depth and format (e.g. DSD, WAV or FLAC).



Available Color Black, Silver
Ethernet 1 GbE RJ45 x 1
Management System VitOS Orbiter (for iOS, Android)
LED Indicator Red, green, and blue lights flash in sequence > System booting
Blue light remains steady > Startup process completed
Blue light stays steady > Standby mode
Red light blinks > Mute mode
Green light blinks > PCM output format
Blue light blinks > DSD output format
Music Format AAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, DSD (DSF, DFF), WAV64, AIFF, CUE Files, WMA, APE
Digital Outputs AES/EBU port x 1
I2S port x 1*
Coxial port x 1
- Supports up to PCM 384KHz and DSD 5.6M (DSD128)

* I2S output signal is not compatible with Holo Audio's DAC
USB Audio USB Audio port x 1
- Supports up to PCM 768KHz and DSD 11.2M (DSD256)
Analog Output Balanced XLR Outputs, Unbalanced RCA (L+R) Outputs
USB external storage USB 3.0 x 2
USB 2.0 x 1
External Clock Input Port 10MHz x 1
CPU Dual-core Cortex-72, frequency 1.8GHz +
Quad-core Cortex-A53, frequency 1.4GHz
RAM Low-Noise 4GB
Firmware and System High-Speed 32GB
SSD Storage M.2 NVMe SSD (2280) Reserved, Up to 4TB, This product does not include a hard drive.
Chassis Material Aluminum alloy material sandblasted anodized appearance, Double-layer casing isolation design.
Dimensions 360(W)*73(H)*220(D)mm
Weight 4.65KG (10.25 lb)
Package Player, Power cord, Network cable, Quick install guide, Warranty card.

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