Erzetich Mania V2024

Semi-open, slightly darkish, dynamic headphones with 50 mm titanium-coated driver.​

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“Mania headphones play dense and melodious; dark and low, operating with a sound of extraordinary beauty – one that captivates the heart and can be listened to for long hours, also because of how comfortable they are, but most of all because of how they sound.”
Piotr Ryka, HiFi Philosophy

Mania, like Phobos, draw on the exceptional quality of vintage pieces ensuring that strength and longevity prevail. This is paired with timeless style and contemporary technology. In Mania you will see the exquisite nature of Linden wood, hand-finished to create beautiful pieces of craftsmanship. The process of working on each individual pair of Mania cups allows personalized crafting to shape and age, with intense care and a unique outcome.

These headphones aren’t simply items of style and elegance. They are designed with music and quality of sound at their heart. The internal geometry of the cup is created for maximum harmony with the titanium-coated driver shapes in order to enable sound which is uniform, detailed and enticingly warm.

Mania are versatile headphones. Their sonic and audio characteristics make them suitable for shifts in musical mood and tempo, allowing your play list to be as diverse as you wish. Mania is an individual with a unique character and a rich result.


Introducing our latest innovation, V2024 

A significant upgrade from V2021! We’ve replaced the traditional wood cups with cutting-edge resin ones, enhancing uniformity and enabling greater complexity in the inner geometry. The result? An elevated sound experience that is even more robust and controlled than ever before.


Technical Specifications

  • Impedance: 80 ohm
  • Driver: Dynamic 50 mm, titanium
  • Cup system: Semi open
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Character: Balanced, slightly darkish, yet detailed
  • Suggested amp coupling with: Bacillus, Perfidus, Medousa


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