Speaker Stand QS 104 Harbeth C7

The Harbeth C7 speaker stands are Custom Built Open Frame QS 104 Speaker Stand Supports are hand made by the craftsmen at Custom Design. Hand made, hand finished and hand polished with the attention to detail our customers expect and demand.

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Custom Design have a skilled workforce with over 35 years of experience in design and the manufacture of high quality, high performance, specialist custom built Speaker Stand Supports, Hi-Fi Support Tables and Audio Visual furniture.
We design and manufacture in Newcastle upon Tyne, England and if you have a design or specific requirement which cannot be fulfilled by our extensive range of speaker support stands or Hi-Fi equipment supports, then we can manufacture it for you.

Please visit our Acoustic Steel Isolation page to learn about our exclusive resonance vibration noise absorbing properties of acoustic steel, acoustic aluminium, isolation platforms and supports. Learn which frequencies can be absorbed by combining our Acoustic Steel Top plate with Acoustic Steel Base plate and Inert Filler tested with a pair of the multi award winning RS 300 speaker stands.

The Harbeth C7 custom built FS 104 Signature speaker stands are manufactured from ERW BS EN 10305-3 steel tubes, acoustic steel isolation top plates, CR4 steel base plates, incorporating easy access allen key adjustable M8 black zinc plated base isolation spikes as standard. The open frame principle, provides total rigidity. The hand made, hand finished and hand polished approach to quality is clearly visible with the custom made QS 104 Harbeth C7 Speaker Stands. With standard finishes of black or white fine texture powered coating. Please contact us for more details if required.

Custom Design sources all cardboard packaging from only PEFC or FSC certified companies. 76% of the cardboard packaging has been manufactured from recycled material which can be 100% recycled.

Custom Design do not use Aluminium in the construction of any speaker stand designs. The natural properties of aluminium prevent speaker stands from performing to the best of their ability as mechanical feedback can be prevented, just like over mass loading. Which will result in reducing the dynamic range and the depth of bass frequency.

Harbeth C7 QS 104 open frame Speaker Stand Dimension for the Harbeth C7 - 270mm wide x 305mm depth x height to your requirement, standard option 510mm plus base isolation spike, allow 25mm for the spike (535mm)

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