Speaker Stand Support FS 105 Range

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Custom Design´s philosophy is to achieve business through product design and service success. Responsible social and environmentally friendly practices are an integral philosophy where ever we may retail our products in the world.
Innovation is an integral part of Custom Design. Innovation is part of our company´s culture and one of the main reasons for our success over the last 28 years

​The FS 105 Speaker Stand Range are designed and manufacture by the craftsman at Custom Design. The FS 105 Speaker Stand Supports are hand made and hand finished. They include M8 and M6 fixing bolts for total integrity, The hand finished 4mm acoustic steel top plate and 4mm steel base plate are manufactured using laser precision. The 4 light weight satellite suppports combine with the 76mm ERW BS EN 10305-3 centre column which can be easily mass loaded using Inert Filler to provide a design with total rigidity for speakers with the minimal influence.
The FS 105 Speaker Stand Range are designed to combine the aesthetic appeal with an open frame design with controlled bass performance to produces an open and more dynamic sound. The principle of the design is to have a rigid, light weight frame which has the minimal influence on speakers performance.
The performance improvements are substantial, especially to the dynamic range which seems more open and free compared to conventional central, mass loaded designs. Stereo imaging and precision timing bring more excitement to your listening experience all with an accurate and controlled bass performance. The FS 105 Speaker Support Stands are a serious alternative to the usual option of speaker stand design.
The satilite support columns are available in Black or white as standard, with Chrome or Brushed Chrome finish optional extra. The hand finished acustic steel top plates are available with the standard dimensions of 165 x 180mm. Designed for the minimal effect on the performance of your speakers. The combination of unique 5 support column design provides a totally solid foundation for our customers who demand a more exciting and dynamic performance from their speakers.
Price for Black/chrome: Kr 3100

Acoustic Top Supports supplied as standard - 165 x 180 x 4mm
Base plate dimensions 220 x 260 x 4mm
M8 Zinc Plated base isolation spikes supplied as standard
Available heights 610mm (24")
Standard finish: Centre column Chrome or Brushed Chrome -
Satilite supports: Black with Chrome or Brushed Chrome optional extra.
Inert filler optional extra £4.99 per bag. 2 bags recommended per central column 610mm (24")

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