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HiFi Equipment Isolation Support Performance Enhancing HiFi isolation Furniture HiFi Isolation Furniture Ultra HiFi 3 Support Table HiFi Equipment Isolation Furniture HiFi Equipment Isolation Stand HiFi Equipment Isolation Table HiFi Equipment Isolation Support HiFi Equipment Isolation Platform HiFi isolation Stand HiFi Isolation Table HiFi isolation Support HiFi Equipment Stand HiFi Equipment Support HiFi Equipment Table Ultra HiFi 3 Support Table  Acoustic Steel Isolation Platform iRAP Constrained Layer Dampening System HiFi Isolation Platform iRAP Acoustic Steel iRAP Specialist performance Enhancing Equipment Isolation Support Table Ultra HiFi Support Table Design Copyright @ Custom Design 2020

Customers perceptions of HiFi Equipment Isolation furniture have changed, design is ever more important, contemporary more than accessory. That is why the Ultra HiFi 4 Isolation Support Tables have been designed as a piece of furniture to compliment our customers homes with functional practicality rather than an accessory to be accepted as the only option. Then with the 33 years of design experience and knowledge the attention to detail is applied to enhance the Ultra HiFi 4 Isolation Support Table acoustically to the highest standards possible without a compromise to the design, including Isolation, anti resonance feet supplied as standard.


At Custom Design the belief and philosophy is to achieve business through product design and service success. Innovation is an integral part of the DNA at Custom Design, part of company´s culture and one of the main reasons for our continued success over the past 33 years.

With 33 years of heritage in design and manufacture of award winning Hi-Fi Isolation Furniture, the skilled workforce at Custom Design have a unique approach to the manufacture of high quality, specialist Isolation Hi-Fi Support Tables. 
The 11mm Inert Aluminium isolation shelves are designed and manufactured in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. The Ultra HiFi Base Isolation Support Table reflects the intention of Custom Design to provide the absolute pinnacle in isolation furniture, for the customer who demands only the best design, the best isolation solutions and the best engineered furniture for sound performance.

The attention to detail and focus with which Custom Design are world renowned for, is clearly evident in the New Exclusive Ultra HiFi 4 Isolation Support Table range. The worlds first 11mm Inert Aluminium support shelves combined with the 3mm Acoustic Steel constrained layer dampening system. Custom Design believe they have created a totally unique hifi equipment isolation support table with performance enhancing ability. Designed to perfectly compliment the hifi systems and listening rooms of our customers with attention to detail and aesthetic appeal.

Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, that is why Custom Design have designed and manufactured the 11mm Inert Aluminium constrain layer dampening system shelves and included as standard Custom Designs world renowned Acoustic Steel Isolation Platforms, iRAPs. The constrained layer dampening system converts unwanted resonance energy to negligible heat. The synchronous vibration energy can be converted by the patented polymer to negligible heat, dampening resonance vibration to produce a totally isolated hifi equipment support

The specialist isolating Inert Aluminium and Acoustic Steel materials are manufactured by Custom Design, utilizing a patented polymer to create the unique approach to hifi equipment isolation with a high mass and low mass constrained layer dampening system (CLDS).  The CLDS consists of 2 sheets of the same material but different thickness. The Acoustic Steel Isolation Platforms (iRAPs) and the Inert Aluminium have been researched and developed to produce the most efficient system for energy conversation in each material. 
The resulting improvements are significant, the performance enhancing design combines the high mass and low mass isolation principle with an inky blackness depth and precision to the bass frequency. The versatility of the Ultra HiFi 4 Support Table continues with the iRAPs, the Acoustic Steel Isolation Platforms provide an enhanced mid range with greater detail and separation, expanding the listening experience with more clarity,  enhancing performance to new levels in the Custom Design HiFi Equipment Isolation Furniture Range.

4 - Inert Aluminium Shelves - 590mm x 400 x 11mm 

4 - Base Shelf Standard Spacing - 225mm - Custom heights available on request

8 - Shelf Standard Spacing - 175mm - Custom heights available on request

  Supports available in Chrome or Black 

4 - Isolation Feet Can support 100kg each

4 - Solid Aluminium Cover Plates

32 - I.D.G (Interface Dampening Gaskets)

4 - F Type iRAPs supplied as standard 

If the F type iRAP or the standard options C Type, A Type or TT Type do not fulfill your isolation requirements a custom build service is available as standard No extra cost. Dimensions required are from the outside of the equipment feet so they can be located on the corners of the iRAPs for the maximum performance.

Image: Ultra HiFi 4 Isolation Support Table - Base in Chrome 225mm spacing - Shelf in Chrome 175mm spacing with 4 F Type iRAPs and complimenting Chrome Isolation Feet supplied as standard.


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