Calypso Mains Power Cable 1.7M

´...a high end offering capable of great results.´ - Neville Roberts - Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

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Calypso Mains Power Cable

Calypso Mains Power Cable is a mains power cable for high end audio equipment. Bolero S can be fitted with a choice of 13 Amp plugs for the UK, Schuko plugs for many European countries or UL connectors for the USA and many other countries.

Calypso Mains Power Cable is an excellent upgrade cable for audio systems, offering a valuable uplift in sound quality over mains cables supplied with equipment or lower priced audio quality power cables. Its performance matches very well in equipment connected with Calypso series interconnects and loudspeaker cables. With a continuous current rating of 13 amps, Calypso is highly suited to supplying power to high power amplifiers.

Calypso Mains Power Cable is assembled by hand at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using parts carefully selected after extensive listening tests.

Calypso mains power cable uses silver plated copper conductors insulated in low loss silicone rubber. These are twisted and screened against RFI and EMI and covered with a vibration reducing attractive black braid.

Calypso is fitted with high quality carefully selected mains plugs for your chosen supply and connects to equipment via the Schurter C13 IEC socket.


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