Charleston S Power 13A/Schuko/UL 1.7M

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A Power Cable Optimised for Music

CHARLESTON S power cable is a new audio mains power cable designed specifically for people who use and enjoy high end music systems.

One of the main problems to be encountered in the design of audio equipment is the effects of external high frequency interference from the growing quantity of high frequency digital signals used in modern computing and personal entertainment. Whilst these effects are rarely obvious, their influence on the complex low level electrical signals that translate into music in your ears can drain the life and excitement from your favourite musicians.

CHARLESTON S power cable is very carefully designed to bring to an absolute minimum the effects of external radio frequency interference to your music.

CHARLESTON S power cable is hand built at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby to advanced design techniques developed by Black Rhodium for use in its most expensive products.

The special design features of CHARLESTON S power cable include:

• Cable length optimised at 1.7m for best sound quality
• High current rating
• Mechanical Vibration Suppression Materials used in Construction
• RFI noise reduction technology including tightly braided metal screen
• High quality connectors

Ultra Low Transient Phase Distortion through Innovative Design

CHARLESTON S power cable gives a very clear diction of a singer’s voice and separates musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘Transient Phase Distortion’ and time smearing of the sound.

Mechanical Vibration Damping Materials

CHARLESTON S power cable uses damping material along its whole length to minimise the distortion effects of micro-vibration within the cable. Its attractive black braid provides effective damping against the effects of external vibration.

Anti RFI / EMI Technology to Further Reduce Distortion

CHARLESTON S power cable is very effectively screened against external electric and magnetic fields.The result is less audible distortion allowing cleaner, clearer sounds to be enjoyed from your equipment.

High Quality Connectors

CHARLESTON S power cables are terminated with high quality mains connectors plated in rhodium.

For Best Results from CHARLESTON S power cable

We recommend you use CHARLESTON loudspeaker cables and CHORALE S RCA or ORATORIO S XLR interconnects to enjoy the best musical results when using CHARLESTON S power cable.


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