Polka S Main Power Cable 1.7M

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Polka S is a mains power cable for high end audio equipment. Polka S can be fitted with a choice of 13 Amp plugs for the UK, Schuko plugs for many European countries or UL connectors for the USA and many other countries.

Polka S mains power cable has been designed to deliver the extreme quality sound required for high end music playing systems, and to do so at a very highly competitive price.

Polka S can also deliver a truly rewarding enhancement in your sound when replacing a lower price power cable. It is particularly suited to high end digital source equipment due to its excellent screening against external magnetic and electric fields.

Polka S mains power cable is assembled by hand at the Black Rhodium factory in Derby using parts carefully selected after extensive listening tests.

Polka S mains power cable can deliver up to 13 amps continuous current through its silver-plated conductors which is more than adequate for high power amplifiers.

Polka S mains power cable is fitted with high end rhodium plated connectors from the Black Rhodium ‘Power’ range specially developed for Black Rhodium power cables , other than the silver plated UK 13 amp power plug which has been specially chosen by Black Rhodium for its excellent performance.

Polka S mains power cable is supplied in a standard length of 1.7 metres which has been chosen after extensive sound tests of different lengths of power cable. We are happy to supply other lengths on request.

Cables can be supplied with either a UK 13 A amp flat pin plug, or the European Schuko plugs, or UL plugs which are used in many other countries. An IEC C13 connector socket is fitted as standard to connect to equipment, and IEC C19 high current sockets can be supplied on request.

If you need to connect several mains cables to your power socket, we recommend Stream S mains extension set which enables 6 separate mains cables to be connected to your mains supply. This uses a very high grade of shielding against radio frequency interference and electromagnetic fields. Stream S mains extension set can be supplied for use with either UK 13 amp or Schuko power systems

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